About Designator

Our Story

"You are a dreamer during your studies, you become a professional during your career, then you must turn into a leader to bring people with you"

The Context

Designater was born in the United Arab Emirates, a country of innovations that has seen a fast evolution over the last 50 years. The business opportunities have attracted the most renowned architectural and engineering firms throughout the globe, and ultimately created a tense competition between them.

The Idea

The main idea behind Designater was to support clients in chosing the right consultant and getting the best design possible for his project. It covers all the fields comprised between the industrial designer making furnitures to the architect thinking of the building, going through all the specialists like cost consultants or fire life safety.

The Mission

  • To create the largest network of engineers, designers and architects
  • To permit potential collaborations with the most remote clients or designers
  • To disolve the geographic and administrative boundaries between clients and designers
  • To create a solidar community, supportive and ambitious
  • To facilitate the emergence of talents
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