The aim of Designater is to connect the largest network of experienced designers with potential clients through an easy selection and hiring process.

Our Target

The Designers


  • Architect
  • Interior Designer
  • Landscape Architect
  • Urbanist
  • Industrial Designer

Designers Support

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • BIM Engineer
  • BIM architect
  • BIM Consultant
  • CAD architect
  • CAD Engineer
  • 3D Visualizer
  • Project Manager
  • Planning Manager
  • Quality Auditor-QA
  • Quality Controler-QC
  • Cost Consultant
  • Bill of Quantities Specialist
  • Specifications Specialist
  • Fire&Life Safety Engineer
  • Sustainability Engineer
  • Geotechnical Engineer
  • Health & Safety Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer

The Clients

Developers: Private, Small to Mid-scale, Real Estate Group, Governments

  • Hire the right designer for the project
  • Launch an international competition through the platform
  • Find Design Peer Reviewer for ongoing project

Builders: Main Contractors, Sub-contractors, manufacturers

  • Hire designer for targeted mission
  • Purchase ready design for design and build projects
  • Find Third Party advice for ongoing project

Designers: Architects, Interior Designers, etc…

  • Hire complementary and skilled designers for specific mission
  • Find Design Peer Reviewer for ongoing project

Easy Selection Procedure

High Designer Diversity Easy Accessibility No Tendering Procedure

We support the customer through an easy selection procedure to find the right target. We give rates to both parties for more transparency and for better results.


Contract Flexibility

Easy Designer Hiring Process No Contract Termination Fee

The platform offers contract flexibility for both client and designer who are also free to work on their terms. In case of contract termination, the client will only bear the cost of the work till date without any termination fee.


Cheaper Service Cost

Free online communication Free monitoring tool Payment at design submission

The online interaction tool contributes to save large amount of times compared to regular designer/client relationship involving endless meetings and phone calls Plus we provide a free management tool to monitor the project as well as a support team.


High Designer Exposure

Approved Designer Profiles No Geographical Barriers No Administrative Constraints

The worldwide network we offer is boundaryless, we work everywhere with everyone. We also insist on the legitimacy of every designer by verifying their profile informations.


Tell us what is your project

Every project has its own requirements and we guide you to provide all necessary informations to the selected designer..


We find you the perfect fit

Once you have described the scope of work we preselect a list of designers we believe fit your criterias. The criterias can be modified at any moment for a wider range of potential talents and without any additional cost.


We make the introduction

We allow you to go through all the technical profiles to see the capabilities and experience of each designer. You are then able to directly communicate with them and exchange all kind of informations on a daily basis until final agreement.


We always keep you satisfied

When hiring the designer we track the design progress and budget spending through your personnal dashboard. Designater design team is also available for more support during the design process.

Our Mission